holocure save editor.

to start, drag and drop your save file here
or if it doesn't work

scroll down for tutorials, faq, and stuff


  1. Open File Explorer, type %LOCALAPPDATA%\HoloCure in address bar, then click enter.
  2. Drag and drop save.dat file to this website.
  3. Edit things that you need. After finished, click on download, then replace the original save.dat
  4. Make sure the file name is save.dat
  5. Open the game, Enjoy!

Video tutorial (updated)

How can?

Inside the HoloCure's save data, the first 80 characters is a PC identifier, You can copy these ID from another computer if you want to transfer your save data. Then the rest is just Base64 encrypted JSON. This can be easily edited using javascript without any external programs.

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Emergency tools

Just incase if Kay Yu decided to encrypt the save file even further and stronger. Use these tools to "analyze" the code and crack them

Why not open-source?

Spaghetti code.

made with 💞 by NoCrypt(cyxlone)

old style here.